Our company specializes in making design projects and construction plans of any type of buildings. If you are starting a complicated project and looking for a company to make a project design, just turn to us.

We will take care of everything and those are not just mere words.

The fact is that design making is a complicated process, which is hard to control even for specialists. The lack of experience and qualifications, the necessary licences or exposure to a totally strange market can stand behind the failure of a project.

Nothing of the kind has been happing to us. We know all standards and adjustment procedures from the inside and are ready to lead you through all the necessary stages. We have been there many a time, all the way from making project documents to meeting the project deadlines.

With the general licence in hand, we generate designs of residential and public buildings, hotels, trade centres, multi-purpose complexes and city district development plans.

We also undertake to carry out the entire scope of adjustment procedures, prepare work papers and exercise field supervision of the building process. We can also design and erect first-level-of-responsibility buildings and conduct the necessary engineering and communication surveys.

Our customers would many a time rely on us to develop a master plan, offer architectural and technological solutions, make the right choice of engineering equipment, infrastructure networks and systems, develop specialty sections.  And every time they would end up convinced that in the sphere of architecture and construction there is nothing inaccessible to us.

The inherent ability to analyze the entire scope of tasks, optimize the process of design, adjustment and construction empowers us to succeed even in most complex cases. We target successful professional cooperation. Our solutions always meet our customer’s high-level standards.