Our Credo

Varabyeu & Partners is the company that forges the tomorrow of contemporary architecture.

There are no trifles in architecture that can be neglected. All stages of design, adjustment and construction are equally important. Reliable guarantees that the time deadline and budget limits will be met are just as important. Also important is that we have the knowledge, skill and experience to accomplish any project no matter how complex. But the main thing is to see a dream born and made real. This is what brings us satisfaction with the job we do.

The Four Principles

There are four simple principles our company abides by to find the most effective solutions to most extraordinary ideas.


Every specialist at Varabyeu & Partners is unique. We have collected the pick of architecture, engineering and construction specialists, including many with 30 plus years of professional experience. Together we do our utmost to produce a result that would fully meet our customer’s expectations.


We guarantee that the customer-set time deadlines will be met and the budget limits complied with. Our complex vision of targets contributes to optimizing the process of design, adjustment and construction, and lets us guarantee success even under most difficult conditions.


We prioritize successful professional cooperation by cultivating a most comfortable working environment for investors, developers and all participants in the business process. The company is always open to fruitful communication and opinion exchange. The decisions we take always meet the high level of standards set by our customers.


We generate unique creative solutions and know how to make them a reality. Our design projects not only harmoniously fit into the natural landscape or the city environment, but compliment them, taking care to preserve all functional benefits.