Piraeus Tower is a Grate Wonder of Athens - A mention on the International Design Competition

This project’s ambition is based on simple organic shapes which interlace between other. The main idea is to make the old building to breathe, to bring  a new green energy and sustainable functions into the existing structure. The tower received a historical Athens pattern in a vertical application. The courtyards and small gardens rephrased into white frames with the vertical hanging greens. The old abandoned urban monster becomes a fresh green organism.

The tower shall tend to be soothing element. It shall have a federating role, like a landmark, a standard. It has to stabilize and herefore highlight the objects around.

The project is working to this challenge by establishing a horizontal and multifunctional base and most importantly creates a connection between all elements of the environment. We make a new passage thru the main arterial of the retail with the natural light coming from above.

     - I like the way that the base of the building is being connected with the existing surrounding area. Also it takes into account the Greek climate by the introduction of the “green balconies” as extension of the interior spaces. This building could be a great example for the beginning of green-sustainable building in Greece. – Costas Kondylis, architect AIA

The new tower is a great field, a wave of landscape. It’s a vertical display that hosts offices behind its green cover. A vertical monument has large transparent facades that protected with green gardens that contribute to reduce energetic consumption.

The wind vents are going to feed the whole building with the most sustainable energy.

     -This is an exceptional proposal on how to take an existing structure and upgrade not only the facade but the building itself. The introduction of vegetation into the city helps not only with bio-diversity and countering heat-island effects, the new layer of green balconies provides a transitional space between the exterior and interior, to benefit of both. The expression created is entirely appropriate, hinting at the way forward for a new breed of organic towers of the future. – Wood Antony, architect, Director of the CTBUH

The design intent was to make a new building as sufficient as possible by bringing the advances technology and materials in to the structure.

The most important ideas of our proposal for Piraeus Tower are based on DuPont innovations. Hanging gardens are resting on the white frames which are made of CORIAN. DuPont Corian solid surface is one of the most versatile materials in the global market - place today.

We are referring our design to the one of the Seven Wonders of the World such as Hanging Gardens of Semiarid. The lush Hanging Gardens are extensively documented by Greek historians .

The New Tower will become a Grate Wonder of Athens!