A Higher Standard of Living

Our company has developed a few variants of a multi-purpose building complex in Minsk’s Pobeditelei Avenue. The design project suggests erecting two uneven volumes – a thirty-storied apartment house with a semi-detached centre for commerce and entertainment with a three-level underground car park.

The apartment house has all that it takes to become of the most prominent landmarks of the avenue, with a spectacular view of the River Svisloch – the complex faces the river and the downtown. The architectural solutions offered have been adapted to match the present-day architectural layout of the avenue and are intended to reinforce the image of the area as one of the most modernistic districts of Minsk.

The unique functionality of the project makes it self-sufficient: there is everything inside for high-quality living.  Besides the inner parking facility and comfortable apartments, there is room for shops, cafes, bars, a fitness centre, a laundry, etc. In fact, the project has been there to offer Minsk an unprecedented standard of living.