Tribute To Future Olympians

A multipurpose gym for game sports and a dormitory for an Olympic Reserve sports boarding school are headquartered in Minsk’s Filimonov Street. Both buildings were designed as a single complex, while their composition is based on a geometrical contrast. The 12-storied dormitory is the vertical axis of the complex, while the gym is positioned horizontally. The buildings show up some common features: vertical constructions of the façade and massive areas of solid glazing.

The general context of the constructions sets geometrically adjusted aspects of the exterior to accentuate their functional priorities and perfectly fit them into the city landscape. From the north and the west the complex is surrounded by Olympic Reserve sports schools, which creates a good example of inscribing new architectural dominants into a uniform functional ensemble.

The one-storied gym is complete with two- and three-level annexes, which are home to the entrance hall, a cloakroom, a refreshment buffet to seat 40 guests, locker rooms, coach rooms, etc. The basement houses an underground car park to accommodate 76 vehicles – a move to ease the pressure on premium parking lots in the streets. The game field is 30x48 metres, 12.5 metres high, with stands to seat 400 spectators and two-level aisles. The gym meets all the necessary standards to host international sporting events and conduct training sessions.

The gym that can accommodate 378 students is connected to the gym with an indoor overpass. At the side of the building that faces Filimonov Street there is a canteen to seat 80 visitors and an assembly hall, the ground floor and the first floor are occupied by offices and auxiliary facilities: a first aid station, the hairdresser’s, etc. The dormitory’s ground floor incorporates technical facilities and a weightlifting gym; levels 3 to 16 are habitable rooms, while the top floor is home to a public library. The living spaces come in clusters of three rooms (each for three tenants), with a dedicated bathroom unit and a common entrance hall. There is a public kitchen unit on every level, public halls, supervisors’ rooms and self-study rooms.

Fully capably of carrying its functional load, the complex has been designed to make allowance for the specific education process of a sports school, where students are engaged in versatile activities on a fairly compact territory. The complex is harmonious with the city environment, making one of the dominants of area.