Mixed-use AquaBel development

The “word” is the mother of all creations. The “word” prompted by the blueprint project of the multipurpose business centre ordered by Aquabel Exhibition Centre was “aqua”, which means “water” in Latin. The concept of water in architecture is associated with smooth even lines and shapes: smooth and flexible – these are the right terms to describe the composition of the building complex.

The four-volume plan in abundant in wave-shaped lines, curves and corner-free transitions. The shapes of the buildings and façade lines also match the selected style, bearing resemblance to either an aquarium, or a wave crest or the slow flow of a river. Full glazing with blue glass adds to the effect. The silhouette of the succession of high-rise buildings resembles a wave, with three office buildings making a semicircle at the foot of the wave; next to it there is an 18-storied condominium that houses an apartment hotel.

The condominium acts as the altitude dominant of the project. The ground floor houses the main entrance hall, administrative and household premises, a lift hall, a café, a gym and a sauna. The upper stories are home to 12 apartments of 72 square meters each. The three remaining volumes have been designed to accommodate offices, exhibition facilities and a car centre. One of the office buildings is adjacent to a multilevel car park.

Landscape design acts as an auxiliary link connecting the buildings of the business centre: a combination of regular and asymmetrical vegetation with a system of open-air pools. To accentuate water’s dominance over the landscape, we have opted to position part of the trees within the limits of the water level.

The buildings that comprise Aquabel Public Business Centre and the adjacent territory make a unique architectural ensemble with everything that it takes for business and life support. The novel project has been there to diversify Mink’s architectural appearance and offer a more precise definition for the word “aqua” – a symbol of life, which now stands for a life of comfort and beauty.