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Hard Rock Hotel: Marriage of Tradition and Modern Architectural Design

The Hard Rock Hotel&Casino project designed for of one of the marine resorts at The Turks and Caicos Islands – a state on the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.

As prompted by the title, the facility is made up of a hotel and a casino designed in the modern style with elements of colonial culture. The Hard Rock Hotel&Casino facility is expected to become a leading centre for recreation and entertainment in the Caribbean. The title also prompts a link with the famous Hard Rock Café brand – some of its original design elements were actively used by the project makers.

The hotel starts with a lobby that is positioned in an open-air atrium between the two wings of the main building, whose semicircle faces the sea. The lobby bar smoothly flows into the reflecting pool, with two footpaths leading to the six deluxe villas. The villas are positioned on a lower level on piles inside a specious water pool. In fact, the villas on the water cannot be seen from the side of the hotel, while the gentle sound of the water pouring from the reflecting pool creates extra noise isolation.

There is a pedestrian tunnel under the reflecting pool that connects the lobby and the main pool.

The water pool’s shape pictures a huge guitar – the symbol of the Hard Rock network. The neck of the guitar – a long podium leads to the bar in the middle of the pool. The pool bar is surrounded by six terraces on piles – the so-called cabanas intended for recreation. The pool is surrounded by another four buildings of the hotel, two of them facing the beach. The entire chain of pools and facilities connecting the lobby and beach is in tune with the Hard Rock philosophy and has been designed to provide guests maximum accommodation.

The hotel offers four hundred suites, a hundred apartments, and office facilities. The interiors are designed to match certain music styles: there are rock-n-roll suites, reggae and blues apartments, pop-music and psychedelic offices… The rooms feature portraits of music stars and musical instruments, with disc collections to match the music style.

The open-air atrium comes with a restaurant, a club and stage for performances held every night – there is no the Hard Rock Hotel can do without live music! The roof of the main building houses a greenhouse, a golf field and a helicopter platform. Also, the hotel has to offer another restaurant, three bars, an open-air pool, Jacuzzi, a spa centre, a hairdresser’s, a beauty parlour, a business centre, an Internet café, a shop, six conference halls, a gym, two tennis courts, various sports grounds.

The Hard Rock Hotel casino occupies an area of some fourteen thousand square metres, with two hundred game machines and numerous tables for gambling. The casino project is an original building made up of glass and metal, with a garage to park three thousand vehicles. The Hard Rock Hotel&Casino complex has all that it takes for premium-class recreation and entertainment. The unique style of architecture and design make the project a leader in the Caribbean entertainment industry.