Glass Harmony

The actively growing city of Minsk welcomes advanced architectural solutions. One of the projects that will add to the contemporary spirit of the city is the Sports Centre of the Belarusian Potassium Company that will be seated in Kalinovski Street close to the major thoroughfare of the Belarusian capital – Independence Avenue.

The building is ideally inscribed into the local landscape; a spacious park and the availability of free surrounding space create a perfect frame for the visually solid and simultaneously airy construction.

Structurally, the sports complex is made up of four volumes that include a general-purpose gym with spectator stands, a tennis court, a chain of water pools and a spa area.  They all differ in scale, and the mission of the architects was to fill every volume with genuine content within a single framework.  The bonding element in the project was, in the first place, the abundance of free space and air. The entire perimeter is practically all made up of glass, let alone the reinforced concrete skeleton.

The rectangular forms of the gym and the court are protected from the elements with a wing-shaped roof that points upward and lifts up half of the building. To counterbalance “the flight”, the pools, technical facilities and the main entrance with an alley of live trees are framed with a huge daylight-loving atrium that also points upwards, but in the opposite direction. The spa area has its upward-pointing roof that it is perpendicular to the other roof wings.

Thus, the building is a single-bodied harmonious construction, where large spaces and clear lines create a complex geometry: it creates the feeling of scale on the one hand, the sensation of lightness and flight, on the other.

The daylight-loving atrium, with two glass walls and a glass roof, fills the entire construction with air and light. The main entrance is at the bottom of the atrium allowing every newcomer to be inspired with the grandeur of the whole building in all its glory.

The glass walls not only create excellent opportunities for interior insulation (and energy saving, too), as they erase the border between the inside and the outside environment. For instance, while bathing in the pool, one can still have a beautiful view of the clouds and sky. The trees in the park outside and the trees in the indoor alley are practically a single whole. Such a unity is the super target of present-day architecture, which is to synchronize architectural and natural forms into a perfect harmony.

A large-scale project that meets the super target priority creates a favourable city environment, to the benefit both of the customer and the contemporary urban environment.